Apparently this is my very first post. So I will tell you what to expect, not much to be honest, I’m a bit boring, just some random thoughts that I have throughout my life that I thought I could share with the world. I’m 30something with older teen like children, I try and play roller derby and go to uni. I’m recently single and think I may have stumbled across my mid life crisis. Who knows?  Well we shall see.

I suppose todays rant could be about going back to the dating scene, I’ve been chatting with a few males, every time I arrange a date to meet them they just stop talking. Nothing. No messages, just a vast empty void of internet. Why is this? why make an arrangement to meet someone then stop chatting to them? Am I completely out of the loop that this is now the in thing to do? Is everyone just now meeting through subliminal messages or psychics? I don’t own a crystal ball and doubt I ever will, when did this shit become so complicated? When did people stop doing the whole ‘I fancy you, want to go for a pint?’ Anyway I suppose my point is, stop being so bloody over complicated and say a spade is a spade.


2 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. Good for you..I’m going to enjoy reading your blog you’re interesting, clever, a wonderful mum providing your family with a future and you’re one funny chick 😉😉 nice one


  2. It’s far worse when you meet them once and then never hear from them again. However, if this is a sudden new trend then there’s no hope for us single people.


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